Green Jobs Should be Given Priority

In a book launch of the “Green Jobs from a small state perspective – case studies from Malta”, which was edited by Saviour Rizzo and published by the Green European Foundation, emphasis was made on the need to prioritize green jobs in Malta. The book launch was organised by Ceratonia Foundation at Europe House.

Speaking at the book launch, AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio, who co-authored a paper in the book, said: “Civil society representatives are highly conscious of the potential of green jobs. Trade unions and environmental NGOs, for example, acknowledge that a shift towards sustainable-energy use has a potential of generating such jobs and that benefits outweigh negative repercussions such as possible job losses in other sectors. Yet, as is the case with other sectors, one should also be wary of uneven situations within the green job market, ranging from skill mismatches to precarious employment situations. Hence, economic and social policies should give priority to this sector through job creations in sectors such as alternative energy, public transport, waste management, IT, tourism, agriculture and research, among others”.

Nighat Urpani, Chairperson of the Ceratonia Foundation, said: “The United Nations Environment Program places emphasis in creating green-collar jobs in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development (R&D), administrative, and service activities. This has a potential to contribute substantially in preserving and restoring environmental quality. The overall aims are: to protect ecosystems and biodiversity; reduce energy, materials, and water consumption through high efficiency strategies; de-carbonize the economy. These also help in minimizing and in some cases altogether avoid generation of waste and pollution. All the papers were research based from theoretical and practical aspects, by academics and experts with extensive experience in Green Economy and Sustainable Development.”

Copies of the book are available free of charge – send an email to (Ms. Nighat Urpani).