Investigation into mobile phone operators operation

Henrik Piski, spokesperson for IT and communication of Alternattiva, The Green Party said: “While the debate on data privacy is raging in north European countries, it is surprising that neither the Data Protection Commissioner nor the Maltese Communications Authority has investigated any of the recent revelations regarding the integration of software from Carrier IQ on mobile phones. This software has been used to track user activity and to send data to carriers without customers’ knowledge. Both authorities have to make sure that this software has not been used by the local mobile phone operators, and if it had been used, to reveal which information had been sent to the operators.”

Henrik Piski added: “Trevor Eckhart, a 25-year-old programmer, drew attention to Carrier IQ software in a YouTube video—now with nearly two million views — in which he demonstrated how Carrier IQ’s software recorded user activity, including keystrokes, phone numbers dialled, text messages and even encrypted Internet searches.”

Michael Briguglio says: “Under EU law, personal data can only be gathered legally under strict conditions, for a legitimate purpose. Furthermore, persons or organisations which collect and manage your personal information must protect it from misuse and must respect certain rights of the data owners which are guaranteed by EU law. It is the role of the authorities, namely the Data Commissioner and the Malta Communications Authority, to safeguard these fundamental rights.”