It's either democracy or backroom deals

cacopardo cassola mxlokk

Following comments by the Prime Minister today, AD Deputy Chairperson, Carmel Cacopardo, said that is crystal clear that the Labour Party in Government, and the Nationalist Party before it, have clearly indicated that they prefer backroom deals when dealing with hunting issues.

“The Labour Party has positioned itself clearly in favour of spring hunting and against the basic principles of biodiversity. The Nationalist Party is still trying to have a foot on each side of the fence. It remains as spineless as ever,” added Cacopardo.

Carmel Cacopardo insisted that backroom deals are anything but democratic. In fact they are a negation of democracy itself. “The procedures to call an abrogative referendum are, in the current state of affairs the only democratic tool left to contest the spring hunting season.

“The petition to make a referendum on spring hunting impossible is an affront to the democratic process. In the coming days or maybe weeks we will know whether the Labour Party in Government will give the public a reply on whether it is a democratic government and party or not. Its position on the proposal to block the legitimate and democratic referendum process will be such a reply.”

“The issue at stake is much more than spring hunting: it is either the democratic process or backroom deals.”