AD and EU Greens Lead Candidate Ska Keller call for EU wide solidarity with refugees rescued by Sea Watch

Alternattiva Demokratika and Ska Keller call on EU member states to act quickly and offer a solution for the 49 rescued refugees on board two rescue ships, the Sea-Watch 3 and Professor Albrecht Penck, which are being denied disembarkation. They also call for a fair and common European solution and agreement to a permanent distribution mechanism in the long-term. 

Carmel Cacopardo AD Chairperson said “While waiting on EU Member States to negotiate a distribution system for the rescued refugeespeople’s lives are being put at risk. Storms are picking up and conditions on board these rescue ships is deteriorating. These refugees and migrants must be offered a safe port and not be left at sea.”

Ska Keller co-chair of the Greens-EFA group in the European Parliament and European Green Party lead candidate (spitzenkandidat) joins the Sea-Watch crew in Malta today on-board Sea-Watch 3. Keller says “All 49 refugees onboard the rescue ships Sea–Watch 3 and Professor Albrecht Penck must be allowed entry to a safe port. It is necessary that EU Member States are willing and ready to welcome them. On the EU level we need regulations that will stop this from happening in the future. It is unacceptable that those fleeing harm and seeking asylum are left at sea.”

Keller adds “We need a fair EU. We need solidarity in the EU. EU Member States must work on a long-term solution, towards a fair, solid distribution mechanism, as has already been decided in the European Parliament. Every time a rescue ship saves people, EU Member States close their borders and shift the blame unto another while the rescue ships and rescued refugees are denied access to safe ports. It is time for the EU to shoulder its’ humanitarian obligations.” 

Carmel Cacopardo concluded: “Solidarity is much more than access to cohesion funds. Europe needs more solidarity.”