Aħna l-Ewropa – We are Europe

Change Europe, Vote Green.


Europe is our common home and our future. Yet, that future is under threat. A neo-liberal approach and a politics of austerity has ruined the lives of millions and eroded our democratic fundamentals. If the EU’s achievements are to be preserved and enhanced, now is the time for a fundamental political reorientation and for a democratic renewal of the European Union.

To safeguard our common future we want to change Europe and to strengthen it. That is why we Greens stand for more solidarity, sustainability and justice. We need fair economic cooperation that respects our ecological responsibilities. We need solidarity within and between our nations. We need a strong democracy. We must live our values, upholding freedom and liberties domestically and internationally.

Europe is essential for building the more sustainable, democratic and equal society we are calling for. Think of it: taming the forces of financial markets and of global corporations, effectively fighting tax fraud and evasion, transforming Europe’s energy supply to combat runaway climate change.

These are all examples of urgent actions that are beyond the capabilities of even the largest of our member states. We need collective cooperation within the EU to deal effectively with these issues.


Our Candidates: Arnold Cassola & Carmel Cacopardo

We Are Maltese, We Are Europe
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Green MEP: Why?
By electing Arnold Cassola or Carmel Cacopardo as an MEP,  we Maltese will be achieving three objectives: we will be breaking once and for all the dualistic tribal mentality that has suffocated Maltese politics for the past 50 years; we will have more influence in Europe since the Maltese people will be represented for the first time in a third group – the Green Group in the EP; we will have a proven guarantee of transparency, accountability and a reasonable voice for citizens and communities.

Together we can make it: we are Europe!


As a member of the European Greens,
Alternattiva Demokratika will focus on the issues outlined hereunder:

Democratisation of the European Institutions

Accountability and Transparency

Climate Change and Alternative Energy

Jobs and the Green New Deal

Digital Rights


Human Rights

Solidarity not Austerity


A Strategy for the Central Mediterranean

Land and Water Use


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