Green is the Answer

Green, the colour used by Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, is symbolic of the importance which ecology has in the political philosophy which we embrace as part of the Green political family. 

Green politics is a progressive set of values which encourages all of us to shoulder our responsibilities: those towards other persons as well as those towards the ecology. Responsibility towards fellow humans as well as responsibility towards the ecology. An intertwining of social and environmental justice: they go hand in hand. Politics is not a balancing out of interests: it is an effort to act right, continuously.

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party is presenting candidates both for the European Parliament elections as well as for the elections of a number of Local Councils. All candidates are committed to observe and follow the six basic principles of green politics, namely: ecological wisdom, social justice, participative democracy, non-violence, sustainability and respecting diversity.

Here are our Green priorities for Malta and Europe:

Fight against climate change

Invest in a just Green economy, research and innovation

Addressing the pollution generated by transport

Protect the health of our citizens by fighting air and water pollution and stopping plastic waste

Produce good local, GMO and pesticide-free food, farming without cruelty to animals

Guarantee decent minimum income in member countries

Uphold the rule of law and fundamental rights, increase transparency and fight corruption

Fight for tax justice

Guarantee free access to quality education, fairly paid internships and good jobs for young people

In favour of equal rights for all and against gender-based violence

Defend the right to asylum and establish legal and safe channels for migration

Stop arms exports to dictators and warring parties and foster development

Green Politics in Local Councils

Our Candidates

Mina Tolu

European Parliament

Mina Tolu is 27 years old and the youngest MEP candidate contesting the elections in Malta. They have over 8 years of experience in local and international LGBTQI campaigning and activism. Mina has also worked within, with, and for women’s rights, youth rights, and environmental justice. After 3 years living and working in Berlin for Transgender Europe, Mina now lives with their parents in San Ġwann while working on their campaign and as a part-time bicycle courier.

Carmel Cacopardo

European Parliament and San Ġiljan Local Council

Carmel Cacopardo graduated as an architect and civil engineer at the University of Malta. Holds postgraduate qualifications in sustainability and environmental management from Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom. He is an Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment of the UK. Has worked in both the public and the private sector. Formerly visiting senior lecturer at the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of Malta. Author of the book ‘Time for Radical Change – The Introduction of Eco-Taxation in Malta’. Married to Miriam. Father of Martina and Dario. He is currently Chairperson of AD.

Anna Azzopardi

Birkirkara Local Council

Anna Azzopardi moved to Birkirkara in 2017 and has made it a home. She has been active with AD since 2013, organising various projects for ADŻ. Anna works in education and is currently reading for an M.Ed. She was a contributor in the parliamentary committee for the introduction of the Morning After Pill. Her main areas of interest are Human Rights, Equity and Social Justice.

Luke Caruana

Mellieħa Local Council

Luke Caruana graduated as a Graphical Communication Designer at the MCAST Institute of Art & Design and is the co-founder of a graphic design studio established in Valletta, Malta. He has been active with AD since redesigning the Party’s emblem in 2011. He is currently AD’s Public Relations Officer and spokesperson for youth and sport.

Ralph Cassar

Attard Local Council

Ralph Cassar is a longstanding Green local councillor in Ħ’Attard. He is a science graduate  and teaches chemistry at the state polytechnic MCAST. He is AD’s Secretary General. As a local  councillor Ralph worked on a new public library and the restoration of the railway embankment. EU funds were awarded to the Council for these projects. He is also  campaigning against polluting projects such as the Central Link  and is a longtime campaigner against overdevelopment. Ralph worked on local recycling and reuse initiatives, the greening of the locality and initiatives to encourage cycling.

Daniel Desira

Marsaskala Local Council

Daniel Desira has lived in Marsaskala for several summers as well as winters. He was active in environmental campaigns such as the spring hunting referendum, as well as organising cleanups in the locality. In the meantime, he is contributing to the campaign against land reclamation along the Żonqor coast. He works as a software developer. He is currently the General Secretary for Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ as well as AD spokesperson on Digital Society.

James Gabarretta

Naxxar Local Council

James Gabarretta works in the environmental sector with an NGO. He studied environmental engineering at MCAST. He has been active with a few NGOs ranging from civil society to green ones. Since 2014 he has been involved with the AD’s youth wing, ADŻ, and is as an executive board member with Alternattiva Demokratika.

Donal Kelly

Xgħajra Local Council

Donal Kelly lives in Xgħajra, he spends most of his time both working (trader) & studying for a Masters in Business Administration at Smart City, previously studied law. Interests include property and the social aspects involved and would advocate towards regeneration of old developments using what is unused, rather than destroying the few open spaces we have left. He likes the sea, and all that goes with it, and his main goal (of many) is to prevent the dumping of construction waste into the sea disguised as land reclamation.

Samuel Muscat

Żebbuġ Local Council

Samuel Muscat is a 26-year old graduate in Chemistry. He is currently part of the committee of Alternattiva Demokratika Żaghżagh. He has been volunteering with several NGOs related to the environment and has been active in several campaigns for the environment in the last couple of years. He has a passion for trees and nature and is working towards a greener Malta. He has lived all his life in Ħaż-Żebbuġ. He wants to fight against the unsustainable developments being proposed in Ħaż-Żebbuġ which will hurt the town and its people.

Jamie Mercieca

Gżira Local Council

Jamie Mercieca is a graduate in Communications and Psychology. Over the years he setup and ran small enterprises and acted as a freelance consultant to various organisations, promoting events and activities. In the mid-2000s Jamie transitioned into working on EU funded educational programmes and in 2011 completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Lifelong Career Guidance and Development. He setup and coordinated a handful of successful educational and training programmes. Most recently he co-founded the grass-roots group Inħobbu l-Gżira which has been working to limit the damage of rampant development on the town of Gżira. Jamie is passionate about social sciences, lifelong learning, mental health, active ageing and the environment.