Our executive committee and team of spokespersons.

Carmel Cacopardo

Spokesperson on Sustainable Development, Home Affairs, Economy, & Public Administration

Carmel Cacopardo graduated as an architect and civil engineer at the University of Malta. Holds postgraduate qualifications in sustainability and environmental management from Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom. He is an Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment of the UK. Has worked in both the public and the private sector. Formerly visiting senior lecturer at the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of Malta. Author of the book ‘Time for Radical Change – The Introduction of Eco-Taxation in Malta’. Married to Miriam. Father of Martina and Dario. He is currently Chairperson of AD.

Mario Mallia

Deputy Chairperson
Spokesperson on Education

Mario Mallia graduated BEd(Hons) and MEd and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Administration and Management and a Diploma in Environmental Science. He is currently Head of School at St Albert the Great College. Elected as teacher and parent representative on a number of school councils. Active for many years in a number of NGOs. Occupied the post of secretary general and deputy chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika. An elected member of the Birkirkara Local Council 2003-2006 on behalf of Alternattiva Demokratika. Co-founder of Union Haddiema Hwienet. Elected representative on the University Students’ Council (KSU) for a number of years, serving as vice-president. Was responsible for editorial commentaries on national radios. Contributor to a number of publications in the educational and political sphere. Member of the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality and member on the Foundation of Educational Services (FES) board since 2009.

Ralph Cassar

Secretary General
Spokesperson on Trade & Industry, Transport & Infrastructure

Ralph Cassar has been active with the Green Party since 1992. He is currently the party’s Secretary General. As a student he was active as a students’ council member in Sixth Form. He is currently serving a fourth term as a Green local councillor. Amongst his priorities as a councillor are improving the recyclables collection scheme, educational, cultural and sports activities, planting of indigenous trees, the defence of open spaces and the introduction of green technology in the locality. He has worked in the manufacturing industry in various roles related to quality and product development. He has also taught chemistry in secondary schools and worked in regulatory affairs on medical products with a public agency. He holds a BSc in chemistry with computer studies, a Masters in Management (MBA) from the University of Malta, and an MSc in Science from the Open University (UK). Ralph Cassar is a lecturer at the Institute of Applied Sciences at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology.

Rachelle Deguara

International Secretary
Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Justice, & Culture

Rachelle Deguara holds entrepreneurial, artistic and organisational adroitness. She runs her small business – Mellowmoon, produces hip-hop under the stage name of REA and is an active member of Movement Graffitti. She is know for the multidisciplinary engagements organised within the communities. Much of this work has been done in collaboration with foundations, associations, NGO’s and Councils. Her interests range from philosophy to pyrotechnics. Before venturing officially in politics Rachelle was on the Għaqda tal-Malti – Università (GĦMU) committee as a Public Relations Officer. “Taħt il-Qoxra” is a radio program which discusses Maltese literature and it’s solo-political context, directed and presented by her in collaboration with The National Book Council. She tweets as @RachelleDeguara and blogs on @rachelledeguaraoffical facebook page and @rachelledeguara instagram.

Anna Azzopardi

Deputy Secretary General
Spokesperson on Equality & Social Policy

Anna Azzopardi moved to Birkirkara in 2017 and has made it a home. She has been active with AD since 2013, organising various projects for ADŻ. Anna works in education and is currently reading for an M.Ed. She was a contributor in the parliamentary committee for the introduction of the Morning After Pill. Her main areas of interest are Human Rights, Equity and Social Justice.

Luke Caruana

Public Relations Officer

Luke Caruana graduated as a Graphical Communication Designer at the MCAST Institute of Art & Design and is the co-founder of a graphic design studio established in Valletta. He has been active with AD since redesigning the Party’s emblem in 2011. He is currently AD’s Public Relations Officer.

Jamie Mercieca

Spokesperson on Tourism & Entrepreneurship

Jamie Mercieca is a graduate in Communications and Psychology. Over the years he setup and ran small enterprises and acted as a freelance consultant to various organisations, promoting events and activities. In the mid-2000s Jamie transitioned into working on EU funded educational programmes and in 2011 completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Lifelong Career Guidance and Development. He setup and coordinated a handful of successful educational and training programmes. Most recently he co-founded the grass-roots group Inħobbu l-Gżira which has been working to limit the damage of rampant development on the town of Gżira. Jamie is passionate about social sciences, lifelong learning, mental health, active ageing and the environment.

Mina Tolu

Executive Committee Member
Spokesperson on European Union & Civil Rights

Mina Tolu is a queer, green and feminist communicator and campaigner. They have over 9 years experience working and volunteering with Maltese and international NGOs and civil society organisations in the areas of LGBTQI rights, human rights, and conservation. In 2017 they started to volunteer for AD and FYEG – The Federation of Young European Greens. Since August 2019, Mina is a co-spokesperson of FYEG. After three years working for trans rights in Berlin, Mina moved back home to Malta in 2019. Mina loves cycling, playing softball and making comics.

Daniel Desira

Executive Committee Member
Spokesperson on Digital Society

Daniel Desira holds a BSc. (Hons) in Software Development and works in the same field. He has been active in civil society for the past years and is currently the Secretary General of Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ – the Maltese Young Greens (ADŻ). Daniel is passionate about technology, sustainability, inclusion and animal rights. He has volunteered with several charities and NGOs, including as a volunteer for the campaign to abolish spring hunting in 2015 and organising cleanups in Marsaskala.

James Gabarretta

Executive Committee Member
Spokesperson on Urban Environment & Local Government

James Gabarretta works for an environmental NGO in the south of Malta. He graduated from MCAST as an environmental engineer and has worked on several projects related to sustainable development. James joined AD in 2014, and has held the role of executive board member, but also International Secretary and Chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ – the Maltese Young Greens (ADŻ). He has a keen interest in alternative modes of transport, music production and outdoor activities.

Donal Kelly

Executive Committee Member
Spokesperson on Marine Environment

Donal Kelly lives in Xgħajra, he spends most of his time both working (trader) & studying for a Masters in Business Administration at Smart City, previously studied law. Interests include property and the social aspects involved and would advocate towards regeneration of old developments using what is unused, rather than destroying the few open spaces we have left. He likes the sea, and all that goes with it, and his main goal (of many) is to prevent the dumping of construction waste into the sea disguised as land reclamation.

Samuel Muscat

Executive Committee Member
Spokesperson on Energy & Climate Change

Samuel Muscat is a 26-year old graduate in Chemistry. He is currently part of the committee of Alternattiva Demokratika Żaghżagh. He has been volunteering with several NGOs related to the environment and has been active in several campaigns for the environment in the last couple of years. He has a passion for trees and nature and is working towards a greener Malta. He has lived all his life in Ħaż-Żebbuġ.